Forager: A Beginners Guide with Tips and Tricks - PwrDown (2024)

There are a lot of things I wish I knew before playing Forager. That’s why when I completed my first run in around 15 hours, I went straight back in for a second. Using everything I learnt the first time round, I’m now able to progress through the game much faster and unlock all those much needed materials.

With that said, I thought I’d offer some tips and tricks from what I learnt. As well as some advice which will hopefully prevent you from making some of the same mistakes that I did.

Below, you can read some Tips for the game that I think are worth pointing out. If you want to check out some more guides for Forager, you can view our dedicated area here!

Don’t Skip Out On Accessories

Seriously, don’t do this. I didn’t craft the majority of my accessories until I was close to the end of the game. Simply because I just wanted to unlock the feat. My assumption was that the likes of boots and gloves just provided armor. They don’t, they also give buffs. Here is a list of what each accessory does:

    1. Backpacks: Provides an extra 20 slots at the highest level.
    2. Wallets: Coins are worth up to 150% more in total.
    3. Gloves: Increases attack speed by up to 70%.
    4. Boots: Increases movement speed by up to 70%, as well as a 25% dodge chance.
    5. Amulets: Gain up to 125% more resources (incredibly important!).
    6. Books: Gain up to 75% more experience (also important).

As you can see, some of these accessories provide some incredible bonuses. I’d recommend building all of them as soon as possible, and just upgrading them as you progress through the game.

Upgrade Your Tools

The tools that you are going to find yourself using constantly in Forager is your sword, pic-axe, bow and shovel. Make sure to upgrade these as soon as you get the materials required, it helps immensely.

For example, once your sword reaches a certain level, it because a much better tool to use than your picaxe as it becomes possible to harvest materials with it in a larger area, taking multiple resources at once. Whilst upgrading the shovel increases the dig radius from a 1 block square to around a 20 block square, making harvesting gems and archaeology items much easier.

Know What Skills to Unlock

There are so many skills in Forager (64 to be exact), and you don’t know which ones are good or which tree to go down. I recommend you just work your way through every tree at once, instead of completing one at a time. You might not want to go down the Magic tree early on, but you can unlock the ‘Brilliance’ skill as your second skill which provides a 20% experience increase.

I put together a list of skills currently in Forager and provided a list of some of the best ones to unlock. You can read that skills guide if you wish.

Build Multiple Markets

You can place down as many markets as you want at once. You can unlock Markets in the Economy tree, and they provide a place to buy and sell items, with stocks refreshing around every 10 minutes. You can also unlock the Supply tree to make Markets sell 6 items instead of 3.

I say to build more Markets because it means you can buy as many resources as you need at any point (as long as you have the coin). In my own game, I have around 10 markets which I check constantly to see if they are selling items such as Spirit Orbs, which allow you to level up instantly.

Don’t Focus on the Museum

It’s not worth putting ingredients and resources into the Museum until the end of the game. The rewards aren’t that great, you’ll just get a Big Chest for each bundle and then a Seal for completing all the bundles.

Instead, hold onto your materials as you might need them to progress through the game faster. Any archaeology items you find should be sold instead, as they can provide large amounts of gold. Unless you find a rare item like the Golden Egg, shove that in the museum as you might not find it again for a while.

Learn to Automate

Automation makes Forager much easier. Under the Industry tree, you can work towards the Automation skill which will unlock Mining Rods and makes crafted items collect themselves. Now this is a great skill to unlock, Mining Rods are structures which will collect every material in an area around them. It also stops your lands becoming overgrown.

You can set one of these up on each land to collect all the materials without you having to do anything. You’ll get a constant influx of experience as well as materials which can be sold such as gems. You can also use Droids who will automatically collect items, harvest drops from animals and clear fishing traps.

Repair Lands

Another thing I didn’t learn until the end of the game is that you can actually repair the lands. Using a Flower Press, you can craft Landfill, which are block items. You can put these down in any water tiles to turn it into land.

It looks much better than bridges, and allows you to have more build space on your lands. You can also go fill in any puddles lying about.

Collect All the Coins You Can

Coins are so important in Forager. Not just for buying Lands, but also for using all the Markets you’ve hopefully built. Obviously, unlocking all the lands you can as fast as possible allows you to complete the game faster.

Some of the best ways to obtain large amounts of coins are using banks to generate them, selling gems and other rare items or crafting them inside of a forge in exchange for Gold Bars. Make sure to unlock some skills which increase coin value, as well as building the wallet.

Spend Spirit Orbs

Spirit Orbs are items which you’ll usually obtain from Big Chests. They are consumables, meaning it will disappear from your inventory once you use it. When interacting with a Spirit Orb, you’ll be asked to either upgrade your maximum health, maximum energy, weapon damage or level up instantly.

Now once the game starts to get slow, to the point where levelling up is taking a long time, I recommending spending your orbs on the instant level up. There isn’t a capped amount in the game, so don’t worry about using them all up. They’ll often show up in Markets for quite cheap, so you can buy more to max out your health and energy later on.

Don’t Miss Other Mechanics

Everything in Forager is there for a reason, don’t overlook anything. Especially Potions and Scrolls. The Sage Scroll for example, which can be made in the Inscription Table can massively increase your experience per scroll. Whilst potions such as Liquid Luck will increase the amount of rare items found.

All these items will make the game much easier and help you progress a lot faster. I didn’t even use scrolls in my first play-through, and I definitely regret it.

You Can Change Appearance

Yep, you can completely customize your character in Forager. For completing feats, you will unlock cosmetic items which can be applied in the wardrobe. To find the wardrobe, head into the Druids tree house which is found in the Grass Biome.


Forager: A Beginners Guide with Tips and Tricks - PwrDown (2024)
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