Upcoming Events Calendar: Amish Auctions (2024)

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In my Williams Guide to Amish Country I pulled together a nice round-up of Amish events that are open to the public, auctions, benefit suppers, etc. In the book I explained why I love Amish auctions, but I'll recap here also. They are a great way to meet Plain people and experience Plain culture. There's almost always food (another great way to experience Amish culture!), and it's usually for a good cause. Another bonus is that the events are almost always held right in the middle of an Amish settlement so you soak up a lot of ambiance and scenery just by journeying there.

There are several events coming up....I am going to try to make it to the one in Milroy, Indiana tomorrow or the Adams County one on May 2. So I might see you there! If I'm in Milroy I'm sure you'll find me next to the food cart where they'll be selling homemade fried pies. YUM! See, the auctions just provide a wonderful way to sample Amish culture in a way you can't elsewhere. Fresh fry pies are a classic Amish dessert. So if you are anywhere near Indianapolis or Cincinnati and want a fun activity on a beautiful Saturday morning for a good cause (raises money for the local Amish school), see you in Milroy!

MILROY, INDIANA: 55th semi annual Consignment Auction, Bake Sale, and Quilt Sale. This event is great because it is actually held on the grounds of the local Amish school, so it's a great way to experience the culture. The auction is Saturday, April 26 beginning at 9 a.m., click here for all the particulars.

ORLEANS, INDIANA: What makes this auction sound interesting is that it is not your typical Amish auction to raise money for schools. This is just an Amish man - Ervin Bontrager - who sounds like he is "down-sizing". So there should be lots of good treasures directly from an Amish home. Plus, there is a bake sale:) So click here for more. The event starts at 9:30 a.m. on April 26, 2014, Click here for details.

CLEARBROOK, MINNESOTA: This just sounds like a wonderful event. The money raised goes to help the Amish settlement pay for medical bills, school, etc. This event has it's own bonus: bake sale AND a lunch prepared by the community's Amish cooks. This is a relatively new Amish settlement in the far, far north, closer to Grand Forks, North Dakota than anywhere. The event begins at 9 a.m. on Saturday, May 3 click here for particulars. The event is held at the David Mast residence, so it would be a great chance to visit the grounds of an Amish home.

ADAMS COUNTY, OHIO: One of my favorite Amish settlements, so I'm sure I'll be here:) Wheat Ridge Amish School Benefit Auction & SupperSupper starts at 4 p.m. & auction at 5 p.m. Located at Ridge Way Lumber on Wheat Ridge Road. For more information contact (937) 544-7566.


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Upcoming Events Calendar: Amish Auctions (5)

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  1. Becky wellington

    Kevin. We won't get home. In Goshen,IN until May 6. Can you keep me informed about some more auctions close to me? Or is there a way forme to find them? Leaving Tucson Tues am. Becky


    • Kevin

      Look in your Williams Guide:) just kidding (I can't remember if I had any northern Indiana Amish auctions listed, I might have, though)...Stay tuned, I'll try to find out and publish them here and also email you. Safe travels to you!!!


  2. dynnamae

    I live close enough to Clare. MI where the Amish have 2 big events every year at one of their farms. It is wonderful to go to. There is a big flea market, farm machinery auction, homemade food for lunches by the Amish. My favorite event is the all day quilt auction. Those quilts come from all over the country. Not all are Amish made. This event takes place every May and Sept. and is for raising money for the support of their community. If a person has never been to this event, I highly recommend it. There is more to it than I could even tell here.


  3. Shirley M Davis

    I live in Green Lake county in Wisconsin I usually go to both the Waushara county out of Wautoma and Green lake county which has the Dalton wi One. They make a Veggie cold appetizer like pizza that is to die for. I can never get the recipe correct They sell them at the auctions they have. I have tried dissecting but only can get all the ingredient veggie ingredients The crust I believe is the crust is Baking Powder biscuits Not sure what the cream cheese and other ingredients are made of. I once was given the recipe but it had crescent roll it did not taste the same.


    • Kevin

      Shirley, this sure sounds good and I've sampled veggie pizzas in many Amish homes, but the crusts are, usually, I believe cresecent rolls. I did look for a recipe in my archives with a biscuit-type crust, but no luck. I'll keep a look-out, though, for one and post if I find it!


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Upcoming Events Calendar: Amish Auctions (2024)
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